Glitter Tattoo Glue with Brush Applicator


Use our Glitter Tattoo glue with Fun And Glitter glitters and create sparkling Glitter Tattoos which last for days!


Product Description

Use Fun And Glitter glitter tattoo glue with our cosmetic glitters to create colourful Glitter Tattoos.

Fun And Glitter glitter tattoo glue is a water-based cosmetic glue which creates a waterproof bond with the skin to enable your glittery creations to last several days.

Large 17.5ml bottle with brush applicator

Easily removed with an oil based cleanser or hot,soapy water.

Avoid using on sensitive areas such as the immediate eye area and eyelids.

Additional Information

Features & Safety

Water based skin adhesive
Can last several days (depending on application)
Compliant with EU cosmetic regulation EC1223/2009
Use hot,soapy water or an oil based cleanser to remove
Avoid using on sensitive areas (eg. too close to the eye)
Always perform a patch test first


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