Professional Glitter Tattoo Kit


Great Glitter Tattoo Kit for professionals and large Fundraising Events!

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Product Description

Large glitter tattoo kit ideal for glitter tattoo professional or add on to an existing ‘party entertaining business’.

The Kit includes:

400 Glitter Tattoo Stencils (choose your own designs, minimum of 10 of each design, or we will supply a selection of our most popular designs)

12 x 20g bags of Biodegradable Glitter (colours included are our most popular Glitter Tattoo colours)

5 x Glue pots (3x8ml with lipgloss applicators and 2x17ml with brush applicators)

2 x Brush sets

12 x Empty Glitter pots (30ml glitter pots)

If selecting your own stencil designs please send message when ordering with your stencil selections (minimum of 10 stencils per design ie. maximum of 40 designs).

(see additional information for full kit contents including glitter colours)

Additional Information

Kit Contents

400 Glitter Tattoo Stencils, choose your own (minimum of 10 per design) or a selection of most popular designs will be provided
12 x 20g Biodegradable Glitter bags in Pink, Silver, Red, Gold, Black, Purple, Fuschia, Aqua, Green, Blue, Orange, Sea Green
2 x 17.5ml cosmetic glue bottle with brush applicator
3 x 8ml cosmetic glue bottles with lipgloss applicator
2 x Glitter application brush
2 x Glitter dusting brush
12 x 30ml empty glitter pots
full instructions

Features & Safety

Really easy to use 3 part self adhesive stencils
Unique stencil designs created by Fun And Glitter to give great looking glitter tattoos
Water-based cosmetic glue
Cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter, safe to use directly on the skin
Safe for use on body and face (not recommended near eyes)
Not suitable for children under 3
Use under adult supervision
Fully tested and covered by product liability insurance


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