DIY Glitter Bar – Biodegradable Glitters


A Glitter Bar is Fun and Sparkly and they get guests mingling!


Product Description

Glitter Bars/Glitter Stations are all the rage at Festivals and Music Venues and our DIY Glitter Bar has everything you need to have your very own Sparkle Station!

Whether it’s a Wedding, Christening, Birthday Party or Fundraiser this Glitter set has everything to let your guests get glittery. Just think how epic the photo’s will be!

Or maybe you’re a make-up artist, face painter or glitter body artist who needs a basic face/body glitter set.

The set includes

12x20g sachets Biodegradable Festival Glitter Mixes
5x8ml Glitter Glue
2xlarge double ended brushes
12x30ml empty pots

We will select the glitter colours and sizes for you but if you have a specific colour theme for your event let us know and we will bear that in mind when picking your glitters.

Instructions/tips are included in the set eg. we recommend you also include a pot of clear balm/Vaseline on your Glitter Bar for applying glitter to larger area’s like shoulders/arms.


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