If you want a cosmetic glue that is long lasting, kind to skin and easy to use then you want Fun and Glitter cosmetic glitter glue!
Unhappy with other brands on the market we helped develop an adhesive that creates a strong waterproof bond with the skin to ensure your glittery creations will see you through the whole party, show or festival!
One of our top priorities is providing high quality products that are safe to use on both children and adults. So, we ensured that our glue was independently tested to both EU Cosmetic Regulations (EC. 1223/2009 ​) and EU Toy Safety Directive (EN-71). 
Fun and Glitter cosmetic glue is a water-based glue for use with Fun and Glitter cosmetic glitters to create colourful glitter tattoos and creative glitter art on the skin. It is developed to be easily removed with an oil based cleanser or hot, soapy water. ​

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