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Glitter Eyes Instructions

We’ve asked our makeup artist following how to create the glamorous Glitter Eye look that has been taking the beauty scene by storm and these are the resulting step-by-step instructions on how to apply glitter eye shadow like a professional.

1. Clean Eye Lids
Firstly, clean your lids and apply a lightweight, non greasy eye cream.

2. Mask Under Eye Area
Use eye patches or tissue on the under-eye area to prevent glitter fallout! Then apply a primer to eye area. This will further minimise any glitter fallout (cream shadow and lip balm can be used instead of primer).

3. Apply Eye Shadow
If using eye shadows, apply before the glitter.

4. Apply Glitter Adhesive/Gel
Use a clear glitter adhesive/gel such as Stargazer clear Glitter Gel over the area you are going to apply glitter.

5. Apply Glitter
Pat glitter into place. Fingertips are fine when applying to entire eyelid and a brush is better for precision areas like the corner of the eyes or along the lash line.

6. Let Glitter Set
In order to keep your eye make-up mess-free, lookdown or keep your eyes closed while the glitter sets.

7. Apply Mascara
Apply mascara, first brushing any glitter off lashes.

8. Remove Excess Glitter
If any glitter has fallen onto under eye area or cheeks use small strips of magic tape to remove excess glitter.

Glitter Lips Instructions

Got a big Party Night? Want to make an entrance?
Our Glitter Lips will have everyone talking, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Clean Lips
Ensure lips are clean and dry.

2. Lip Liner and Lipstick
You don’t need to use these but it will give the lips a more defined finish. Select a colour which matches your selected glitter colour and line lips. Then apply lipstick and blot lips.

3. Select Glitter
Our fine cosmetic glitter works best and will last longer than chunkier glitters but if you’re going for a more theatrical look then chunky glitters look great.

4. Apply cosmetic Lip Bond
Part lips and apply a thin layer of our lip bond, following your lip line. Wait until lip bond turns from white to clear.

5. Apply Glitter
Dampen a lip brush (not too wet) and press into the glitter pot. Tap off any excess glitter. Using pressing movements, apply glitter to lips. Start in the centre and work outwards, careful not to drag brush which will smear glitter.

Repeat until lips are fully glittered. Now your ready to rock your Glitter Lips!

Glitter Tattoo Instructions

Be creative and use our stencils to create sparkling Glitter Tattoos and eye-catching Body Art.
All you need is:

-Some of our fine, cosmetic glitter
-A bottle of our cosmetic body glue
-A pack of our body art stencils
-An applicator brush

Create your gorgeous Glitter Tattoo is quick and easy just follow these simple instructions:

1. For best results clean skin area with cleansing alcohol to remove any oil and/or skin
2. Carefully remove the stiff backing paper from the stencil.
3. Place the stencil on clear, dry skin. Avoid particularly hairy areas as this will distort the
outline of the glitter tattoo.
4. Remove the clear, protective front layer from the stencil (ignore this step if using 2 part stencils).
5. Apply the cosmetic glue to skin and wait until clear, then dab glitter on with brush.
6. Carefully remove the stencil from the skin to reveal the finished Glitter Tattoo.