Its nearly Halloween

October 31st is Halloween! Make it more fun with our impressive Halloween Glitter Tattoos suitable for all ages.
When it comes to Halloween the more elaborate the better. No matter what you’re dressing up as, there’s always room for Glitter Make Up & Temporary Tattoos. Fun and Glitter have a fantastic range of spooky stencils to add that extra fright to your Halloween Party….. Devils, Witches, Bats, Ghouls, Spiders, Pumpkins…..
So why not show up to the party on October 31st with not just an impressive costume, but try your hand at a beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary Halloween look with our range of Cosmetic Glitters creating Glitter lips – Glitter Eyes – Glitter make up instead of that store bought mask. Little Monsters and Wicked Witch’s everywhere can have fun with our Halloween Glitter Tattoo kit!