Bulk Fine Biodegradable Glitters

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, fine glitters available in bulk 100g bags for professional Glitter Tattoo artists, Face Painters and MUAs stocking up Glitter Tattoo supplies and Glitter Makeup bars

Licensed stockist of Bioglitter®
No animal testing
Made from plant cellulose
Environmentally sourced from renewable materials

What is Bio-Glitter?

Bioglitter® is eco-friendly glitter made from biodegradable plant cellulose film from sustainably farmed trees (mainly Eucalyptus). The plant cellulose is dyed with cosmetic grade dyes. It is then covered in the tiniest amount of metal to give it it’s shine which makes it 30 to 40% softer than polyester glitter.

It complies with EU and FDA cosmetic regulations and EU Toy regulations.

What can it be used for?

Unlike polyester glitter (which is graded as craft or cosmetic glitter), Bioglitter® only uses cosmetic grade pigments and hence can be used for both craft and cosmetic applications. It can also be used in rinse-off products like bath bombs and soaps. Polyester cosmetic glitter can no longer be used in rinse-off products due to it coming under the micro-bead legislation.

If using Bioglitter® with solvents always test first (because it is plant based it may not work with some nail applications).

How long does it take to biodegrade?

The glitter is home compostable. When placed in soil or washed into the sewage system all the ingredients are present for it to biodegrade and you can expect the glitter to normally biodegrade within 90 days.

Biodegradation is only initiated in soil, compost or a waste water/ocean environment where micro-organisms are present. Stored in cool, dry conditions it will not biodegrade.

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