Top Tips for using Glitter with your Makeup

Adding glitter to your makeup look can give you some much-needed extra sparkle for your next night out. But if you’ve not used glitter before and you’re not really sure where to start then combining it with your makeup can be a bit tricky at first.

It’s definitely worth the effort though and once you’ve mastered using glitter, the world is your oyster! We’ve put some tips together so you can easily add glitter to your net makeup look and look sassy and sparkly.

Natural Makeup

Because glitter can standout when you use it, it’s good to have a more natural, minimal makeup look, so that it doesn’t take anything away from the effect of the glitter. Having strong makeup and strong glitter can be a bit too much sometimes.

Pairing a glitter eyeshadow with a simple makeup look, like light lip colours and toned-down cheeks gives you the effect you’re after with your glitter and doesn’t mean there’s too much going on.

Cheek Highlighter

If you want to add an extra glow to your makeup then using glitter on your cheeks for some shimmer is a great idea. Especially in the summer or if you’re at a festival, adding a glow to your cheeks is perfect. You don’t have to go overboard, but after you’ve used your highlighter, you can use a similar shade glitter pot to give some sparkle and shine. It’s a really subtle but impactful way of combining glitter with your makeup and enhancing the usual effect that a highlighter gives you.

Sparkly Lips

The same can be said for your lips! Enhance your lipstick or lip balm by using some glitter to vamp things up a bit more. You could use your usual red lipstick and add some red lip glitter to make your lips even more luscious. It’s a great twist on your typical, traditional bold red lipstick.

Or you could just go for a glitter lip gloss and not use a lipstick underneath – both effects will make your lips standout and gives you a different makeup option to try out.


Using gold glitter is always a good way to experiment if you’re new to the glitter world! It’s a classy, glam colour that’s really versatile and pretty much goes with anything. It’s great to use when you want to give some extra luxury to a look. It’s especially effective when you use it to contrast with darker tone bases like smoky eyes and black eyeliners – it can really make both stand out. Using it as an eye shadow or under your eye can brighten up your eyes and bring more attention to this area. Gold glitter is also good to use as a cheek highlighter like we mentioned above and enhances and brightens your cheeks.

For more tips and advice, take a look at the Fun & Glitter website, where you’ll find lots of other glam glitter looks to try out.

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