Halloween Glitter Looks

Things are about to get a lil spooky. We absolutely love Halloween – dressing up and becoming a freaky alter-ego is everyone’s favourite time of the year, right?

Your make-up’s going to have to be seriously on point if you want to scare the bejeezuz out of unsuspecting friends and fam. We’ve got loads of different options and if you want something simple and understated, we’ve got you sorted too.

With that in mind, let’s look at some scary, Halloween looks you can instantly make even more BOO-worthy with Fun and Glitter products.

Night of the Living Dead

If you want to rock up as a zombie at your parties this season then good make-up is a key part of your look. Basically, you want to look dead and decaying! Use light foundation or face-paint as a base and use dark paints and shades to create dirt, smudges and skin discolouration.

Dark eye shadow is a great way to look hollow and un-alive too! Grab some dark glitters to help enhance the shadowy vibe. Throw in some blood-y tones too to make yourself look even more gory and glam.

Vampire Vixen

You can still look mega on a night out when you’re dressed as a vampire vixen. Hear us out. Work on making your skin as pale and white as possible – slick your hair back by using some mousse or gel. Next, you’re going to need a hell of a lot of blood, that’s what being a vampire is all about after all.

Use our red/pink glitters to create a blood-thirsty look around your mouth and on your lips for a slick, sleek, fabulous vampire look.

Getting Gothic

If you’re not too set on a particular character or monster then going gothic is a great way to mix in with everyone else and make an effort. The good thing is that it’s a pretty simple and easy look to achieve. Use black glitter eye shadows, glitter lips and light make-up to make the darker tones stand out more. Whack on a dark outfit and you’ll manage to look very sophisticated without having to go all-out.

Halloween Glitter

Still not sure what you’re going to do for Halloween? Don’t despair, as we’ve got a range especially for Halloween. You might not need to go in full-on costume for an event and maybe you just want to add a Halloween vibe to your everyday outfit – we’ve got the perfect idea. Our Halloween glitter tattoo kits and stencil packs are fab items to have in the run-up to Halloween, to add that extra bit of festivity to any outfit.

Working at an event and want some quick ideas? Tattoos are a good way to instantly create a buzz and get people excited. You can choose whatever glitter you want to use for a tattoo or stencil. We’ve got lots of different images to choose from, including bats, spiders and spooky skeletons. A quick and easy way to get lots of people looking that extra bit scary and get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

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