How to achieve ‘Halloween Eyes’ with Glitter Eyeshadow

It’s time to get spooky as Halloween is almost here and the ghosts and ghouls are ready to come out and play. The witching hour is quickly approaching, so making sure you look suitably scary in time for October 31st is terrifyingly essential!

What better way to make your Halloween look even more bloodthirsty and fearsome than with some glitter eyeshadow looks for your fright night? We’ve come up with a few ways to use glitter to look extra gruesome.

Pumpkin Spice

Ok, so we’re starting off with something a bit tame and if you’re looking for a pumpkin-inspired costume to wow people with at a party, then we’ve got some autumn colour palettes for you. Obviously you’re going to need something warm, fiery and above all, orange, so the Warm Peach cosmetic glitter is perfect for your pumpkin-esque costume. Everyone loves a bit of pumpkin spice, so dazzle with some orange glitter!

Smokey and Scary

If you’re looking for dark, smokey eye make-up then look no further than our Smokey Quartz cosmetic glitter. When you want to transform into a Halloween witch, a vampire or a member of the walking dead, smokey eyes are a must-have and they can really add to the dead-eyed look you’ll need to scary the living daylights out of anyone. For an even darker look,  add some Black cosmetic glitter into the mix. You can add a bit of extra sparkle too, we think a purple tinge can work really well, so we’d recommend our Mystical cosmetic glitter.

Outer Space

Alien costumes are underrated and the best thing about them is that you can get really creative with your face-paint and costumes. Who knows what aliens really look like after all, so your imagination and glitter can go wild when you’re putting your look together. So, with that in mind, we think that you can use pretty much any of our cosmetic glitter selection to transform into a celestial alien. But a few good picks are Emerald Lights, Golden Eye and Purple Goddess.

Monster Mash

Turning yourself into a Frankenstein’s monster or a wicked witch of the west is more than possible with some of our deep green glittery eye shadows. We’ve got Green Envy to help you become truly monstrous. You can add other shades for a different effect and our colours are great for mixing and matching. Get creative!

Silvery Skeleton

Skeletons are always a popular Halloween costume and you can really show off your make-up and face painting skills when designing your look. Add some sparkle to your skeleton with our Silver Shimmer and use Black glitter to create your effect. You can paint a sugar skull style too and substitute the silver with other colours. Make your eyes dark and use your silver to differentiate the skull-like effect.

We hope you have a terrifying Halloween and we’re sure that your costume will do the trick…or treating. Take a look at the rest of our glitter eyes range for more ideas.


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