Add some sparkle to your Christmas Parties with Glitter

It’s that time of year again – the Christmas bells are jingling and it’s party season. This gives you the perfect opportunity to crack out the glitter and enhance any of your Christmas party outfits.

Here at Fun & Glitter, we aren’t scrooges, so in our book, the more glitter the better! We’ve got a fabulous Christmas range to help you get into the festive spirit and we’ve also got all of our usual glitter collections, accessories and face and body glitters.

Add Glitter to any Occasion

One instant way to jazz up any Christmas outfit without much effort is our Christmas glitter tattoo kit. Bring your kit along to any pre-drinks or work Christmas parties and you can transform anyone who you don’t think is Christmassy enough into a more festive version of them self.

There are lots of Christmas designs to choose from and a variety of coloured glitters to use and add some sparkle. Depending on the size of your party, we’ve got lots of different packs to suit the amount of people in the room – if your party’s looking like it’ll be bigger than usual then we have larger glitter tattoo kits.

Fundraising Kits

A great idea for any charity events or fundraising parties you’re organising are our special large fundraising kits. They’re the perfect size for school based events or work fundraisers that need some ideas for extra cash.

Glitter tattoos and stencils are a big hit with kids and big kids alike, so you can raise lots of extra money for charity. Whether you’re putting on a Christmas fete or a school disco, everyone loves glitter, so this is a quick and easy way to create a buzz and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Glitter Make-up

We’ve got glitter eye shadows and lip make-up glitters to suit all of your Christmas party outfits. We think our glitter make-up instantly gives you a bit more pizzazz and will fit in well with your Christmas decorations and tinsel!

You can experiment with different shades and use some traditional festive green and red, or gold and silver too. We’ve got a whole range of different colours and tones to choose from. Whenever anything is glittery or sparkly, it becomes the perfect addition to your party outfit.

Make your lips stand out too, they’ll be especially glittery for when you get under the mistletoe and with the bonding glue you’ll get incredible kiss proof glitter lips!


If you’re really going all out at your Christmas party and you want to get a bit more creative or do some fancy dress then you can enlist the help of our glitter face-paints. They’re ideal if you want to use some more complex designs or use on friends before a night out or at a school fundraising event.

Whatever you decide, your glitter face-paint will do the trick and make any Christmas event complete!

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