Glitter Tips for your next Party

The summer is still here and festival season is in full swing. That’s not to mention the amount of parties that go on throughout the year and the amount of opportunities you’ve got to whack out some glitter and get sparkling.

Glitter is the perfect way to bring out your inner goddess and let your hair down. If you’re looking to instantly improve and jazz up your fave outfit, then why not add some glitter?

Let’s look at some slick glitter tips for your next party invite.

Set your Space up

Before you get glitter-happy, you need to make sure that you’ve got the perfect set-up to start applying your make-up and glitter. Our biggest tip is to avoid applying glitter products anywhere with a carpet, as you might drop glitter onto it. We also think it’s good to apply your product in a well-lit room, so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Tile floor bathrooms are probably the best place to get your glitter out. It’s easier to clean up afterwards and you’ve got a light-bright space to work in.

Prepare your Skin

Give your skin a thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise before you start using glitter. Make sure that your skin is on top form and flawless before you add anything else to it. This is especially relevant if you’ve used make-up or other glitter products recently – it’s good to give your skin a break.

If you’re using a glitter eyeshadow and facial make-up then apply your base make-up first. This will add more texture to your look and especially with your eyes, use a similar colour so that your glitter mixes seamlessly with your base colour and looks more polished.

Applying Glitter

Here at Fun & Glitter, we have loads of different glitter products, depending on your preference. We have glues and gels which are easy to apply and control. You can also apply your glitter products with brushes and sponges if you want to cover it over a larger surface area of skin. Using a standard make-up brush is fine and you can add your glitter to moisturiser too.

While you’re applying your glitter, it’s inevitable that you’ll get some in areas of your skin that you don’t want it or might be irritable. One savvy way to remove it is to use some sellotape or clear tape to pick it up off your skin. Just a light tap onto your skin should do the trick.

Remove after using

When you’ve partied the night away and wowed everyone with your glitter look, it’s essential that you remove the glitter from your skin. Sleeping with it on could irritate your skin and it’ll also get onto fabrics.

Resist the urge to use cleansing wipes as this can just spread glitter around, instead of removing it. Use clear tape again and also cleansing oil with cotton wipes or buds. A cold-cream cleanser can work really well to remove your glitter too.

Take a look at our glitter range here and choose the perfect look for your next party.

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