Top Tips for Festival Glitter

How is summer again?! We have no idea but we’ve got no complaints at all. Festival season is almost here!

You know what that means, grab your glitter and get sparkling.

The thing is, festival chic can be tough to keep up, so we’ve got some tips for looking fierce the whole weekend.

Let’s face it though, if you don’t find glitter somewhere or not your outfit weeks later, did you really use enough glitter? Nope!

Less Mess

If you’re going away for a few days then you’ll want it to be as easy as possible to simply apply your glitter make-up, so you can spend the rest of the time having fun. Loose glitter will just end up making a bit of a mess and spoiling your look, so having high-quality glues, brushes and glitter is a must-have.

Applying your glue and dabbing your glitter on with a brush is a good way to go about things, as it gives your glitter a foundation to stick to and will lead to long-lasting glitter goodness.

And when it comes to applying glitter to your lips and trying to make a lip balm – don’t go DIY. Lots of people make the mistake of having some glitter and randomly mixing it with a lip cream or balm. This will just lead to a messy look and no one wants that. You’re much better off getting a stronger-hold bonding glue which is specially designed for using with glitter and using a brush to apply – mwah, kiss-proof!

Stick to a Look

It’s tempting to go a bit crazy with your range of glitter colours, but choosing a few colours and sticking to a certain look is easier to maintain. If you’ve used loads of different colours and tones then it’ll be more difficult to reapply and you’ll end up taking longer to do it all when you should be off doing your thing!

We’ve got some really cute 3-colour packs, which are compact and perfect for popping in your handbag to reapply.

If you don’t want the hassle of doing your glitter everyday, you could mix things up with fab face gems. The design is already laid out, so it’s just a case of popping it on your face and obviously if you want to, you can get creative and add glitter – but it’s a good base look to start from.

Easy to Remove

Using a good adhesive means that you’ll usually be able to wash off your glue and glitter easily with some water. If you’re having a bit of trouble then a top tip is remembering to pack a bit of sticky tape in your bag so you can lightly tap it on your skin where your glitter is and lift it off. This is for those instances in life where you don’t fancy looking like a unicorn all day – I know, strange right?

Or you could carry on your glitter vibe and add some more!

For more info and to look through our range, visit the Fun and Glitter website today.

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