Festival Season for Glitter Beginners

Festival season is almost upon us and we think you’ll agree that it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. Getting ready, organising outfits and making sure you look fresh for your festivals is one of the most fun parts of festival life.

Achieve glitter goals this summer and avoid any disasters with our beginners guide to the shiny stuff. Whether you’re hitting up Glastonbury or V Festival, make sure you look your sassiest this summer.

Glitter Partings

We absolutely love glitter partings and it’s so simple to do. Pop your hair into some space buns so your parting is visible. Grab some glitter from our Festival Glitter range and apply it down the length of your parting. You can zig-zag your parting, it’s up to you, but using a glitter gel will give you an eye-catching hair-do. We recommend spraying it with a bit of hairspray to keep your glitter and hair in place too.

Face Make-up

If you really want to go all-out then using glitter on your face is a great festival look. You can get really creative and experimental with this, especially if the festival you’re at has a specific theme or you’re dressing up as characters.

Use our face paints for more detailed and intricate designs that you’d like to try out, which is good for more specific themed designs.

You can use glitter instead of a highlighter you’d usually use and then use a brush to dab glitter over your face and apply it in the way you want it. Use gems and sequins too, using glue to apply them. We think Mermaid Vibes and Rainbow Unicorn are perfect for a festival atmosphere. We’ve got plenty of jewels and face gems too to play around with.

Add some sparkle to your eye shadow too and complete your look. Use our glitter eye shadow like you would a normal eye palette and shimmer away.

Lush Lips

Apply your fave lipstick and lip liner first before you add your glitter. We find that a wet lip gloss then works best over the top and then you can dip your glitter on a brush and apply it to your lips. You can stick to the same colour scheme or go for a colour combination – it’s completely up to you. There are loads of colours to choose from. You’ll quickly achieve a glam glitter look for your lips and you can add sequins for a different texture too.

Body Art

Face glitter might not be your thing, so we’ve got lots of different body stencils and tattoos to try out on arms, legs etc. You can use stencils to create your own colour scheme or use pre-designed tattoos. These are great for themed festivals – we’ve got unicorns, princesses, fairies etc. Use Body glue and glitter to make your own designs too.

We’ve got a massive range of face and body glitter available, so you can look extra glam this summer. Take a look at our glitter here.

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