Festival Glitter Hairstyles Top Tips

Looking good at festivals can be down to the smallest of factors. We think adding a bit of glitter and sparkle can enhance your festival look by ten times. One trend that is essential to get that festival look is festival glitter hair, if you can’t get enough of the glitzy stuff, here’s some glitter hairstyles which will help you to achieve your desired look.

One very popular festival hairstyle this year is space buns. Adding a little bit of glisten and sparkle to this hairstyle can help you achieve an out of this world look.  By adding some of our Biodegradable glitter down the parting of your hair creates a fashionable and cosmic style which helps you to look unique and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.  What more could you want?

Sometimes simplicity is key. By just having our festival glitter down the roots of your hair can be just as effective as any extravagant hairstyle. Just having a little bit of glitter and glamour will help to maximise any bright colours from your festival outfit and having pops of colour and glitter incorporated in your look will aid you to differentiate yourself from others.  

Braids! What can be more festival vibes than braids? Glitter compliments braids in the best ways possible. The glitter just adds more shimmer and sparkle which makes the braids look prettier and more suitable for the occasion. There is a range of braids out there which you can add some glitter to from fishtail braids to French and Dutch plaits.

All these hairstyles might be all well and good but not having the right glitter to help you achieve these looks could be a serious problem. Luckily, we have a solution. Our festival glitters come in a range of colours and sizes and of a high quality offering you a way to create your own style and be unique. For a space bun hairstyle, I would recommend some of our more chunky glitters as it complements the style more. Maybe check out some of our super and super-duper chunky festival glitter mixes to help you to get a better idea of what you want.

Colour is also a very important factor. We provide a variety of glitter colour options for you to choose from to make your festival outfit as unique as possible and to your taste. Some of our favourites is our Rose gold Super Chunky Glitter and our Bohemian Super-duper Chunky Glitter. These two glitzy colours added to a boho festival hairstyle can look very effective and can suit a range of styles. If these two colours don’t float your boat then don’t worry. We offer a range of colours from greens to pinks and you can even mix our glitters to make them tailored to you and your preferences.

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