5 Best Festivals to show off your Glitter Look

Festival season is here and everyone’s gearing up for a summer of sun (fingers crossed), fun and lots of glitter.

We think festivals are the perfect place to show off your glitter skills and the chilled-out vibe means the more experimental, the better.

Some festivals have themes that you can create a look for, but more often than not, you can get creative with your ideas and stand out from the crowd with your own unique personal theme. Let’s have a look at some of the best festivals to fit in with glitter at.


This festival, held on the Isle of Wight, is notorious for its crazy themes every year. It’s full of colour, vibrancy and mad costumes, so a glittery look will fit right in. There’s always loads of face painting and activities going on everywhere, as well as the amazing music line-up that lends itself perfectly to a fun vibe with plenty of glitter.


You’ll have to wait til 2019 to go to Glastonbury as it’s taking a break this year, but this is the mother of all festivals. It’s the big one and it’s like no other festival in the UK. The size of the Somerset festival is unrivalled and it has a massive amount of stalls, stages and areas.

You’ll come across lots of weird and wonderful characters here so lots of glitter won’t go amiss and will fit into the anything-goes atmosphere. Shangri-La is one of the weirdest areas at Glastonbury and perfect for crazy glitter looks.

V Festival

V festival gets more and more popular every year with some of the best mainstream pop acts playing time and time again. There’s always a really good vibe at this festival, with lots of people opting for day tickets instead of weekend ones, so you can really go all-out using glitter with your outfit choice.

Reading and Leeds

The festival season isn’t complete without Reading and Leeds. They used to be more of a rock festival, but over the last few years they’ve slowly chosen more mainstream acts with house, hip-hop and pop acts in regular attendance too. They’re really chilled festivals with lots of stages and areas to explore.

Wireless Festival

Wireless is one of the best urban festivals around, taking place in London, this year in Finsbury Park. It has a real party atmosphere and you’ll probably be out of place without glitter at this festival. It’s easy to get to and there isn’t camping overnight, so you can prepare properly at home with glitter looks and make sure you’ve got them spot-on, instead of struggling to find your mirror in a tent in a field!

Take a look at our Festival Glitter range from Fun and Glitter for all sorts of inspiration before you head of for fun in the sun.

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