5 Top Glitter Gifts

f you’re looking for a present for someone and can’t think what to get them, you’re in luck. We’re going to run through some of our favourite items that make the perfect gift.

With spring time upon us, before you know it, it’ll be festival season and summer, so plenty of occasions coming up to bust out some glitter and get creative with your look.

Let’s look at some fab glitter gifts for a loved one.

DIY Glitter Bar

You’ve probably seen festivals and clubs with their very own glitter artists hard at work, so we thought we’d create our very own DIY Glitter Bar, which is ideal for when you want to get ready with mates before a big night out. Having your own sparkle station means you can play around with different looks and colours in your own pad and have loads of fun mixing and matching in the run-up to a festival or gig.

Or you can take your Glitter Bar with you to events, like weddings, birthdays etc – anywhere that people want to add some sparkle and take some selfies. You’ll get loads of glitter pots, glitter glue, brushes and balm to help you apply. An awesome gift.

Rainbow Highlighters

Sometimes you just need a bit if extra shine and our rainbow highlighter glitter can be applied wherever you fancy. It’s a colour-shifting white glitter and comes in a range of extra colours to give it a reflective hue. It’s super easy to sprinkle and is easy to pop in your bag and take off to a festival or gig.

Biodegradable SuperDuper Chunky Glitter

Want to feel sparkly AND like you’re helping the environment – well, we thought you’d never ask! We’ve got a crackin big range of chunky glitter mix products that come in loads of lovely colours. You can use it for your hair, face and as body glitter too – very versatile. You can grab some in pocket size for on the go or a bigger bag if you’re a professional or need it for a lot of people. It’s eco-friendly glitter too, so you don’t need to feel any guilt when adding some sparkle.

Ultimate Eco Glitter Pack

If you’re obsessed with all things glitter and need some for a big trip, we’ve got an Ultimate Eco Glitter Pack for you, it’s basically a mega bundle of biodegradable festival glitter. You’ll receive 9 eco-friendly chunky glitter mixes and you can decide which sizes are perfect for your needs. We’ve got pocket size 5ml and 10ml pots and larger 20g bags, it’s up to you.

Festival Face Gems

So you’ve used some of your glitter mix but feel like there’s something missing that you need to complete your look? Why not use some Festival Face Gems for extra sass. They’re self-adhesive face jewel cluster gems, so easy to apply and they can be washed after use and re-used again!

For more ideas and inspiration for your next glittery gift for someone, visit our website today.

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